What we should learn from 2016 Rio Olympics and Indian participation?

Shooting, Athletics, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis and so on are India’s participation in Olympics. No medals were won in Winter Olympic Games so far by any Indian. While a very few medals are won in Summer Olympic Games. Why? There are many reasons to it.

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Recently in 2016 games, we were waiting for someone to open account, but after two week long gap finally Sakshi Malik won Bronze. And one more medal can be expected from PV Sindhu who qualified for the finals of Women’s Singles in Badminton. I wish they had these games held initially during the start of Olympics as this would have increased the morale of otherwise dull Indian camp.

Now all are charged up, and eagerly waiting for the Gold, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Why are we just let things happen and don’t plan ahead? If someone goes to finals or so, putting in so much hype and making the athlete nervous. Shouldn’t a super power like India concentrate on games other than Cricket? Hmmm, that calls in for a separate debate.

India has won almost 30 medals in the whole history of Olympic participation till date since 1900. Very bad as it may sound, some relief that it is increasing in recent past. I hope after this 2016 Rio Olympics at least, rather than going behind what is currently happening and trendy, we support and encourage athletes from ground up. Make them visible not only on the day of Olympic games, but make them role models in every aspect of life! Jai ho! Jai Hind!

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