Vinayagar Serial | Sun TV | Mega Budget Tamil Serial | Huge Cast

Vinayagar Serial by Sun TV is really huge in budget and the visuals are enthralling. This is a super serial with actors and actresses doing a great seamless acting. The huge cast adds the niche to this Sun TV mega budget serial. Vinayagar serial is a competition to the rival television channels with similar God Serials. Serials of this genre adds audiences from across the world and increase the TRP from these serials.

Vinayagar Serial | Sun TV | Mega Budget Tamil Serial
Vinayagar Serial | Sun TV | Mega Budget Tamil Serial

Ganapathy is the first and complete God and Vinayagar serial will add flavour to the different serials played in Sun TV. Classic serials demand moolah of very high manner. But the funding and effort is worth it. Because of using multicast and multi-angle cameras this serial is surely a hit in Tamil Nadu. The promo in Sun TV and initial episodes are not marketed hugely. May be this is a strategy of the channel. There is much surprise that awaits the audiences.

The refresh and new launches like Tamil Kadavul Murugan serial by Vijay TV is the closes rival for this Vinayagar Serial by Sun TV. Let’s wait and see who wins the race. The graphics shown in the promo and all episodes are seamless and well fitting. A delight to watch the Gods on screen and young children will have lots to learn from these serials. The Tamil Tradition and Stories of almighty is even a treat of grownups as well. So, what you think about Vinayagar Serial, comment below.

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