Tolerance, Still Waters and The Value Of Positive Focus

If you realize that everyone is an individual with their own unique part to play, then the power of tolerance is easy to develop.

The Value Of Positive Focus, To change the focus from negative to positive is to create hope. Our normal conversations and interactions are full of negativity, whether we are aware of this or not. So without our conscious knowledge, we develop a negative approach to life.

It is important for me to be aware when my conversations with others becomes negative.

I need to make a conscious change to start being more positive, and appreciate what life gives me. So much good in my life goes unnoticed. When I focusĀ  in the positive it creates an environment of enthusiasm for the future that effects everyone around me.

Still Waters, A life of turbulence and noise may seem desirable to one who leads it, but wisdom is a pearl found only in still waters.

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