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Thenmozhi BA serial is the signature into serial for Jacqueline the anchor in Vijay TV. The multifaceted skills of Vijay TV anchors, actors, actresses, judges and dancers perform different roles in Vijay TV. One such talented example is Jaqueline who is transforming from anchoring to lead role in serials. This Soap opera is best suited in genre of comedy. Then Mozhi BA is also involving political satire. So the crux of this serial is fresh for Tamil audiences across the world. Also note that after corona, temporarily shooting was delayed and started again in 2 months gap.

Then Mozhi BA Vijay TV Serial
Then Mozhi BA Vijay TV Serial

Right from the promo of this serial the exhibit like Jaqueline, I mean Thenmozhi who is the ‘chella pillai’ of the house, pampered kid. Her sister is the one doing the heavy lifting of all work at the house. She also have a younger brother. The nuances of her marriage to village head’s son and how her mother-in-law plans to exploit her is interesting. The rise of Thenmozhi in father-in-law house is interesting in a comedy way.

Vijay TV’s Then Mozhi serial is airing in prime time slot. The timing of this serial during the Bigg Boss Season 3 parallel makes it get an extra edge when it comes to TRP ratings. Usually Vijay TV will peak in TRP during Bigg Boss time. This serial also will add fuel to the engine, so what do you think about the Star Network Vijay Televisions vision about this serial? Comment below.

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