TEKKEN fighting video game Review

Tekken is undoubtedly one of the greatest video game of all time. Spanning two decades since the original Tekken is released in 1994 this game has been phenomenal. Especially the second and third installment of this game series. I was an addicted arcade player of Tekken 2 in my childhood days. My favorite character was Paul Phoenix. Great old memories.

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Tekken is a “Gaming Wonder”. If you like fighting games, you’ll love Tekken. Japanese company Namco, now Bandai Namco, has sold over 44 million units and still counting. With the new release Tekken 7 expected to be released for PlayStation 4 in the coming year, thrill awaits all gamers. The 3D animation that was introduced very early in this game series was an added advantage.

There are movies made after Tekken, both animation and live action films. Such is the reach of this game. In my early days I would struggle to make a signature punch with Paul Phoenix, but once you get it right, you are the master of the game. Or that is what I thought. Well, this game is all about skill. There are lot many combos and techniques to employ.

Yoshimitsu, Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix are the central characters that appear on each one of the game series. But the main protagonist is Jin Kazama. You’ll want to be a versatile player. Should you stick to few players, you wouldn’t anticipate their attack. Very nicely done animation and apt sound effects and gameplay this game is a must try.

Whether you are an arcade lover or PlayStation gamer, you will surely like this game. So, gamers out there, have you played ‘Tekken’ or ‘Street Fighter’ games, what do you think about it? how do you compare both? Share your views as comments. Go gaming!

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