A small price to pay

My pain feels like bones breaking,
Day after day.
I feel so stressed and tired,
that my hair may turn gray.
I keep on crying,
like an old tissue tatty and wear.
What if I don’t get better,
That is my biggest fear.
I feel so dizzy, like I might fall down,
but no matter what my family has been around.
However lately I feel like I might give up,
as I have so many pills that they could fill up a cup.
This year hasn’t been so great for me,
and not for a lot of my family.
My grandma is forgetting simple things,
like who she is and what she brings.
My uncle and best friend have cancer,
I wish somehow that they will both find the answer.
These horrible things are making me mad,
I love them so much it makes me sad.
Believe me I’m not trying to make it all about me,
I just don’t know the last time my pain was a three.
All I’ve been getting is nines and nines,
there’s no way this pain is in my mind.
Without god I would not be here,
he saved my life this year.
The pain is only a small price to pay,
as I wish to walk with my lord someday.

You know the real me

You know the real me
you’ve seen me cry
you’ve seen me smile
without you
there would be no me
only empty space
you’ve seen me all glammed up
you’ve seen me when I’ve just woke up
you still say I’m beautiful either way
without you
there would be no me to see
you’ve seen me happy
you’ve seen me sad
you say either way your glad to be with me.
without you
there would be no me to love you
an without me there would be no you to love me too.