Your portfolio analysis

My first impression is, “It’s all mess”, you need to put create a portfolio in to better manage your shares. Next is, an optimal portfolio should have 10 to 30 shares, anything more than that is unmanageable. I will share my ideas as I analyze your portfolio, Meanwhile I suggest you to learn “The Intelligent Investor” book by Benjamin Graham. He is guru of Warren Buffet. 1. ITC gave 1:2 bonus last week, your portfolio doesn’t reflect the change. 2. Muthoot finance, SREI Fin…

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Warren Buffet on Trust


Buffet on Trust:

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.”

by Warren Buffet, Investor

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Buffet’s Calculus or Algebra


If calculus or algebra were required to be a great investor, I’d have to go back to delivering newspapers.

By Warren Buffet

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