Parrots Good Morning Emoji

Two beautiful Parrots Meme exclusively brought to you to feel the fresh morning. Very Good Morning!!! – These parrots signify unity and this FaceLaptop Original Memes and Emojis are hallmark of wishes that you could gift your loved ones. The red beaks and green parrots are colorful. Parrots repeat what we say, its like a mirror. In this morning be good and good will follow you. We are what we do, what we do become our habits!!! See also, MEME Mountain!

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You know the real me

You know the real me
you’ve seen me cry
you’ve seen me smile
without you
there would be no me
only empty space
you’ve seen me all glammed up
you’ve seen me when I’ve just woke up
you still say I’m beautiful either way
without you
there would be no me to see
you’ve seen me happy
you’ve seen me sad
you say either way your glad to be with me.
without you
there would be no me to love you
an without me there would be no you to love me too.