Kings of Comedy – Juniors | Vijay TV | Comedy Reality Show | New Timings

Kings of Comedy Juniors is the reality show for children to showcase their talent in comedy. Vijay TV show is always to the point. Kids perform various stage acts that trigger humor. The new timing of this show is Saturday and Sunday at 08:30 pm. This show airs in the prime time slot of Star Vijay where all range of audiences will be available at home to watch and enjoy this show. Junior comedians are made by this show. These kids grow into full-fledged large…

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Vina Vidai Vettai Juniors Season 3 | PuthuYugam TV Tamil | Kids Educational Show | Did you know?

Vina Vidai Vettai launches its Season 3 for juniors hosted by Vijay Adhiraj. The exciting educational show for kids is all set for the big stage for class eight to twelve standard. The host Vijay Adhiraj has done a fantastic job over the past two seasons. Did you know? There were more than three hundred schools that participated in the preliminary round. There are four various interesting rounds in a fresh manner for Season 3. Watch this show as YouTube or Hotstar video. This informative…

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Batman v Superman

The sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, isn’t just a sequel to Man Of Steel, it’s a pointed referendum on the debate that followed the film. Occasionally, the self-awareness is hilarious, as when secondary characters go out of their way to point out that the climactic battle is taking place in a series of unpopulated areas. Occasionally it’s graphic and horrifying, as in an early sequence showing the Superman/Zod fight from a ground’s-eye view, confirming all the collateral terror it caused.

There are simply certain brands, characters and concepts that transcend the objective critical narrative and go straight to the emotional heart of the collective fan base.

Some critics blasted the film for its overindulgent special effects and lack of story. Yet, the bad reviews did not prove to be Kryptonite at the box office.

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