Indian railway budget comedy

Request to Railway Minister,

Sir whether you lower the train fair or not, please increase the length of chain of the bathroom mug…
It doesn’t reach where it is supposed to…!!!

With the Shramik special trains plying in India during Corona times, this joke could keep your mind light hearted. Disclaimer: This is just for fun and no offense intended.

Assorted Jokes

Power cuts are the only time the whole family assembles together and members speak to each other. … as Wi-Fi also remains off… Seeing this, Electricity Board has decided to have a tagline called “Connecting People by Disconnecting Power”! 😂 👆Powerful message😀😀👆 ******************** We missed 4 Possible Gold Medals this Olympics: 1)Baba Ramdev for Gymnastics. 2) Salman Khan for Shooting 3) Vijay Mallya for Long Jump & 4) Arnab Goswami for ‘Discuss’ ************** Teacher – What is Life Cycle. Student – Its Hard to pedal…

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