Funny Memes on 500 and 1000 rupee notes

My wife was behind me for money for last three days, now I am giving her money and she is not taking it 😂😂😂 Swatch bharat mission officially started 😂😂😂🙊🙊 America counting votes, India counting notes 😂 A Leave application.. Dear Sir, I have one 500 Rs note with me, no bus or auto fellow accepting & bank also holiday. Taking leave till further arrangement..😂😂 HR version: People who take unplanned leave tomorrow are considered as Rich … and won’t be eligible for appraisal 😈…

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Developer and Tester Jokes

IT Special:


Developer : Bro need your support.. She is online and said “I love you”… what to do?
Tester : Bro… First thing is take screen shot …


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