Your portfolio analysis

My first impression is, “It’s all mess”, you need to put create a portfolio in to better manage your shares. Next is, an optimal portfolio should have 10 to 30 shares, anything more than that is unmanageable. I will share my ideas as I analyze your portfolio, Meanwhile I suggest you to learn “The Intelligent Investor” book by Benjamin Graham. He is guru of Warren Buffet. 1. ITC gave 1:2 bonus last week, your portfolio doesn’t reflect the change. 2. Muthoot finance, SREI Fin…

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World Economy

The U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank all have been disappointed to varying degrees about how little inflation has picked up, or indeed how it has spent too much time going the opposite way.

The Bank of Japan, which has been trying to ward off deflation going on two decades, has now been hit with a counterproductive surge in the yen after a contested decision last month to adopt a tiny negative interest rate.

Even in China, where it is difficult to fathom the sheer magnitude of fiscal and monetary stimulus Beijing has piled on since the financial crisis, consumer price inflation is remarkably tame and likely to remain so.

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