Creative Short Stories on WhatsApp : The Mango Tree

Ram and Sham both claimed ownership of the same mango tree.
One day they approached Birbal and asked him to settle the dispute.

Birbal said to them: “There is only one way to settle the matter. Pluck all the fruits on the tree and divide them equally between the two of you. Then cut down the tree and divide the wood”.

Ram thought it was a fair judgment and said so.

But Sham was horrified.

“Your Honor” he said to Birbal “I’ve tended that tree for seven years. I’d rather let Ram have it than see it cut down.”

“Your concern for the tree has told me all I wanted to know” said Birbal, and declared Sham the true owner of the tree.

Positive Thinking Stories : Run your own race

I was cycling and noticed a person in front of me, about 1/4 of Km. I could tell he was cycling a little slower than me and decided to try to catch him. I had about a km to go on the road before turning off.
So I started cycling faster and faster and every block, I was gaining on him just a little bit. After just a few minutes I was only about 100 yards behind him, so I really picked up the pace and pushed myself. You would have thought I was cycling in the last leg of London Olympic triathlon.
Finally, I caught up with him and passed him by. On the inside I felt so good. “I beat him” of course, but he didn’t even know we were racing.
After I passed him, I realized that I had been so focused on competing against him that I had missed my turn, had gone nearly six blocks past it and had to turn around and go all back.
Isn’t that what happens in life when we focus on competing with co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, trying to outdo them or trying to prove that we are more successful or more important? We spend our time and energy running after them and we miss out on our own paths to our destinies.

The problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never ending cycle. There will always be somebody ahead of you, someone with better job, nicer car, more money in the bank, more education, a prettier wife, a more handsome husband, better behaved children, etc.

Take what Life has given you. Stay focused and live a healthy life. There’s no competition in destiny. Run your own race and wish others well !!

Positive Thinking Stories : Pot Holes

I found myself driving the curvy road near my home slower than usual this morning. My eyes were open as wide as I could get them and I was scanning the road as intently as I could. I was swerving my car to the left and to the right. No, I wasn’t drunk, sick, or sleepy. I was just trying to miss all of the potholes. An especially brutal Winter had produced a bumper crop of them this year.
As I rounded a curve I saw one that I couldn’t miss. I hit it with a jarring thud and in a moment of anger one of those words I try never to use anymore slipped out of my mouth. I shook my head and slowed down even more. As I rounded another curve I saw a man in the road and slowed to a stop. He was directing traffic while his work crew was throwing shovels of asphalt into the worst of the potholes. I smiled at them all and gave them a little wave as I drove on. I knew that their patch job wouldn’t last for long but was grateful that it was at least making the road a bit smoother for now.
As we all travel down the road of life we can’t help but see that in places it is full of potholes. Pains and problems, difficulties and troubles, challenges and obstacles, sickness and death all lie along that rough road. There is no way to ignore them. There is no way to avoid them. There is no way to travel around them. What we are left with then is a choice. We can curse their existence and rail at God and life or we can take a shovel full of kindness, a shovel full of joy, and a shovel full of love and do our best to fill them in. We can work and pray and have faith that we are making the road a little less rough for those who follow us.