Super Jodi Season 2 | Star Suvarna TV | Reality Show | Did you know?

Super Jodi is set to launch the Season 2 with a huge audience applause. Star Suvarna TV has left no stones unturned. Did you know? The host for this reality challenge show is none other than Akul Balaji. The super hit Super Jodi season 1 had overcome lot of challenges and soared in TRP for Star Suvarna Television. Will this Season 2 be great as well? Let’s wait and watch.

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Did you know? Super Jodi Season 2 will feature actors and actress who are famous and it’s going to be a big launch. Ten couples will be ready to entertain the Kannada audiences across the world. Since the launch of the promo with the apple on the head and arrow just missing it by an inch, the thrill and environment is all set and ready folks.

Super Jodi Season 2 | Star Suvarna TV | Reality Show
Super Jodi Season 2 | Star Suvarna TV | Reality Show

How fearful it would be to risk the loved ones and march ahead? Yes, the X-factor is going to play a crucial role here. Let’s gear up and support this initiative by Star Suvarna TV and wait and watch how it unfolds. So, what do you think about Super Jodi Season 2? Comment below, subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the red subscribe button for more updates.

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