Size of the Internet – Startling Facts – Did you know?

Number of websites in the world grew from a mere three thousand in 1994 to over a billion in 2014. Such huge rise in twenty years span! Whilst an average person only views about 100 websites per month, stats say.

Search queries per day in 1999 was 3 million, it grew to about 3 billion per day by 2014. Startling isn’t it?

Another surprising thing is, for one billion websites only 300 million domains are registered, of which only 100 million are hosts, run by 5 million computers. You’ll know what I’m saying if you know some basics. Never mind, it isn’t hard to get information, of course you have the power of internet with you.

Only about 200 million websites are active sites, meaning the one that gets regular updates.

Still not amazed? hmmm, only about 1 million websites drive 50% of the whole world web traffic!

In the time taken to read this post, probably 10 new websites are registered.

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