Share prasada with others

Share prasada with others

Srila Rupa Gosvami explains in the Upadesamrita a five-hundred year-old classic about devotional service,

“One of the ways for devotees to express love is to offer prasada and accept prasada from one another.”

A gift from God is too good a thing to keep to oneself, so the scriptures recommend sharing prasada with others, be they friends or strangers.

In ancient India-and many still follow the practice-householder would open his door at mealtime and call out,

“Prasada! prasada! prasada! If anyone is hungry, let him come and eat!”

After welcoming his guests and offering them all the comforts at his disposal, he would feed them to their full satisfaction before taking his own meal.

Even if you can’t follow this practice, look for occasions to offer prasada to others, and you will appreciate prasada more yourself.

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