Purmy Rishi | Operation Alamelamma Film | Kannada Star of Anuroopa TV Serial fame

Operation Alamelamma movie is Purmy Rishi’s debut film. The teaser itself was an instant hit across YouTube and various channels of media. Yes, all this is because Rishi famously known as Tejaswi from Anuroopa Television Serial. Rishi is now a Kannada Big Screen star is all because of this much fan-following from this small television stint. He has done few serials in the past year and have garnered much of his fame from Anuroopa Serial.

Did you know? Anuroopa Serial was directed by famous director TN Seetharam. He is called as TNS in Kannada Television Industry. Being in TNS project was the breakthrough for Rishi who is called as Purmy by this hardcore fans. Actress Aishwarya also rose to fame due to this serial Anupoopa. She had done few serials like Punarvivaha before. But her role in the serial Anuroopa was her major success and popularity.

Rishi clearly attributes all his success to TV audiences. He proudly says that he is a TV boy and will continue to make TV appearances. Television turned Movie stars has been the trend recently because of the huge impact that TV leaves on the audiences. It directly connects to the living room of all household. Actors like Sivakarthikeyan has become a huge star after this TV stint in Vijay TV. How do you see this trend to catch up? Post your views as comments in our YouTube Channel – FaceLaptop and keep up to date with latest updates. Cheers!

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