Power of mothertongue!

Chotu: amma nee yenkitta poi sollirka…..
Mom😡: I told to u every time please speak in English.
Chotu : Ok Mom u lied to me.
Mom : When my son. ?😕
Chotu : U said that my younger sis is an angel.
Mom : Yes, she is
Chotu : So why didn’t she fly when I threw her from our balcony.
Mom : ayyo!!!! Saniyane, yengada pottu tholachha kuzhandhaya?????

Son : Talk in English Mom.. I was just kidding 😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝
Power of mothertongue ☝


Child😖 :
I am confused…I dont want to study….Biology teacher told me cell means basic of life in the body…Physics teacher told me cell means Battery…….Then Economics teacher told me sell means selling things. And History teacher told me cell means prison…whtz this..now u r telling me that cell means mobile..I dont know what’s right…u tell me!!!😜😂😂😂😂

Tech love!!!

▶Girl : Dad I want to tell u something.
▶Dad : what?
▶Girl : I love one boy and he lives in America.
▶Dad : But where u met him?
▶Girl : we know each other by website. ………..
We became friends on Facebook. ….
He proposed me on Skype…
We r loving each other since last two months on WhatsApp. …..
▶Dad : ohh!! Really..
then now marry him on twitter. ……
go to honeymoon by make my trip.com ………..
order children in flip kart. … and
finally if u don’t like ur husband then sell him on OLX. …………..!!!!!!!
▶Daughter shockz. Daddy rockz…..

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