WhatsApp Group People Categories

Whatsapp group results are out…which one are you❓❓

1. Whatsapp Rooster 🐓🐓 Everyday wishing Everyone good morning and wking them up is their favorite job …they go quiet after this

2. Whatsapp Baba 👳👳:
They send only messages of God and give discourses

3. WhatsappThief 😎😎:
They copy others messages and forward them

4 . Whatsapp Devadas 😋🍻😋🍻:
They always send painful and sad messages and poems….and make everyone else sad😔😔

5. Whatsapp news reporter 📰📰👨:
They update everyone about what’s happening in the world

6. Whatsapp Vidushak 😜😉☺😊:
No matter how sad their life is they keep replying to everyone and keep laughing

7. Whatsapp Mauni Baba🙊🙊:
They read everyone’s messages silently but never reply…many are unaware these people exist in the group

8. Whatsapp Thinkers 🙇🙇:
They try to change people by sending good purposeful messages

9. Whatsapp Poet n Poetess 🎶🎤🎤👨👯:
These people don’t know anything other than poems and bore others with their poems

10. Whatsapp Chatter 📱💻📝📃:
They are not interested in anything other than chatting…they are always onlie

11. Whatsapp monkey 🙈🙉🙊🐒🐒🐒:
They never reply…only say haha..hehe

12 . Whatsapp Collector 🙌👐👤👤👤:
They only join but never message

13.Whatsapp all rounder 📖❤🍺🌺📝🎤📰📲
They express their opinion on anything and everything. They know a little about everything and try to impart it to all

All of us belong to at least one of the categories