Suriya’s Film | Consistent delay in Singam 3 movie release | What is happening?

Singam 3 is a flagship movie starring Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Shruti Hassan in the lead roles. This film is also dubbed in Telugu as Yamudu 3. It has been already delayed more than four times since last year. Tamil Fans across the world have waited long enough and are in no mood to take a further delay. What is really happening here?

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Initially the release date was December 16th 2016. Then due to some external factors as said by the producers the film got delayed for the first time. Then came another date, which is December 23rd 2016. That was the same date announced for Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy movie Bogan. Here comes the irony, both the films didn’t release on that day. It was changed due to a request from Telugu film makers of Dhruva movie. Dhruva is Ram Charan’s Telugu flick.

Suriya’s Film | Consistent delay in Singam 3 movie release | What is happening?
Suriya’s Film | Consistent delay in Singam 3 movie release | What is happening?

Then somehow in the fresh new year of 2017 came a ray of hope for Surya Fans again. Yes, the date January 26th 2017 was announced. This being a long weekend, high budget movies like Singam 3 could benefit from it. But again came the hurdle in the form of Jallikattu protest. Huh, fans have lost faith by now.

What now? Yeah, yet another date announced was February 3rd 2017 and within a couple of days the date is again changed. My God, did you know what is happening now? Crazy as it may sound the recent announcement is that Release date of New Friday in the film industry is February 9th 2017. And the height of the comedy is that Bogan is also releasing on the same day! This is called back to square one, well done.

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Rest Easy and Listen In

Rest does not come with sleeping, it comes with waking. This is both an insight and an action of enlightenment. When we are enlightened we realize that real rest is possible only when we become free of illusion and we no longer struggle against life. Illusion is the idea that people should be, and do, what we want them to. The truth is, all is as it should be, despite appearances, or our perceptions of others to the contrary. This means you can be easy on yourself, easy with others and easy with the world around you. Easiness is a virtue, an attractive one at that. It is much more influential than force. So quit forcing, end the struggling and relax!

Listen In, Only when we find the quietness in our own minds can we begin to hear our inner teacher, so that we may receive some in-tuition. Only when we are ready to recognize and value the wisdom that we carry at the core of our being will we turn our attention inwards and ‘listen in’.

But it’s been a long time since we truly listened, so a little practice and patience will be needed. Sit down, be quiet and listen in at some point today and you might be surprised at what you hear. Then do it again tomorrow. All you need to do is remember that you are the listener and not the noise.

Respect, Experience the bliss of Self-Respect and give respect to others at all times. When I am prejudiced against another, my narrow vision and small heart lower my self-dignity and self-worth.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Keep peace in the mind, love in the heart and happiness in relationships.

Thought for the day – Love Work : Ask Yourself

You always have a choice but you forget that you have it. Do you remember the energy and enthusiasm you had on the first day of your first job? You consciously chose to do the work you had gladly accepted to do. But then you gradually fell asleep to the choice you made, and the day became “I have to” go to work, instead of “I want to” go to work. You forgot to see all the opportunities which come with work – opportunities like learning, nourishing and being nourished by others, developing new relationships, expanding your personal capacity. Instead you decided it was just something that you had to do to ‘get the money’. This is why most people are sleep-walking through their lives, and they don’t know it. The solution, choose your work every day, put the energy of love into your relationships…every day, even if you don’t particularly like your job or the people around you. And you’ll be amazed at how your life transforms. When you choose to put love into what you do, the universe will move heaven and hell to let you do what you love.

The Science of Happiness, The fewer desires you have, the happier you will be. Having the right information (truth) leads to contentment. Having the right understanding of the self, our purpose, our origins and our true relationships should free us from the cycles of boom and bust and lead society to that ultimate happiness.

Ask yourself…

What is most important in my life?

Keep that in front of you and you will discover that most other things get solved by themselves. Do not leave the important things until last, for then they will become urgent and you will lose the valuable treasure of peace.

Barriers to Love

Whatever is in your heart that is not clean, not true, will ultimately begin to act like a wall, obstructing the natural flow of love. People who say that there is no love in their life, are being blocked by this wall. Actually there is love, but they just can’t accept it. Ego is the clearest example of this. Ego limits the flow of love by placing conditions on the love you give and receive. Ego uses love to satisfy its own needs and desires. It produces a love which is deceptive, one which brings only temporary satisfaction. Ego does not allow you to experience true love or share it. If fact, ego is capable of destroying your ability to feel love altogether.

True Winning Is Accepting Not Resisting, If you ever find yourself defending a position, explaining why, or justifying anything, it means you have been defeated. It means you have not been able to accept the others point of view, or the fact that you may be wrong. Fear has conquered your mind and your heart. Your defenses are up and you are running scared. It’s not that the other person has conquered you, it’s the self-created fear that is in control.

Until you can accept the other (you don’t have to agree) and you are not threatened by the other, your victories will be delayed. It’s a funny old world when true winning is accepting not resisting, when victory is found in the wisdom to stop fighting and to begin engaging.

Appreciate the here and now. Gratitude is fundamental to peace and happiness — not wealth, glamour, adventure or fast cars, but simple appreciation for what you have. Just because you can’t afford champagne and caviar doesn’t mean that you never enjoy a meal. Hot dogs and beer on the back deck with your friends taste just as good. So, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you need something that you don’t currently have in order to be happy, because the truth is that if you can’t appreciate what you have now, you won’t be able to appreciate the “good life” if you ever get it.