Tamil Nattin Kural | Singing Show | AR Rahman in Vijay TV

Tamil Nattin Kural is a Vijay TV singing show that features AR  Rahman. The great legend Rahman the ocsar winner is featured in this Television show for the first time. The real search of talent begins from audition across various cities in Tamil Nadu. Talented singers will be selected across the State and one winner will emerge as the winner of the Tamil Nadu’s great kural or voice. The power of voice is mined via the Star Vijay TV channels judges.

Tamil Nattin Kural | Singing Show | AR Rahman in Vijay TVTamil Nattin Kural | Singing Show | AR Rahman in Vijay TV
Tamil Nattin Kural | Singing Show | AR Rahman in Vijay TV

The contestants of Vijay TV’s Tamil Nattin Kural have great exposure and what else you require when a great person like A.R. Rahman himself is featured. The niche show in Vijay TV for singing used to be Super Singer and now after the last victory by Aravind the new season begins in a refreshed manner. But this time it is big budget show and talented singers will appear in all episodes of this show.

Tamil Nadu sella kural thedal is the same caption as in Super Singer season of Vijay TV. A R Rahman is the fresh add to this show where numerous judges like Chitra, Mano and Voice expert Anant Sir are already in. All Judges, Contestant singers, technicians and anchors are all super exited to see this show just for the legend. Right from auditions to all episodes will rock the floor with niche and blasting voice across Tamil Nadu. Hope all audiences welcome this show with huge applause.

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Ninaika Therinda Maname Serial | Star Vijay TV | Tamil actors and actress

Ninaika Therinda Maname is the Vijay TV Tamil Serial that airs during the prime time slot. The refreshed Vijay TV is a no nonsense channel that airs all premier TV shows and soap operas. Alongside the series of comedy shows, Vijay TV has brought in this mega budget top notch serial called as Ninaika Therinda Maname. The bridal background and marriage related serial has numerous niche actors and actresses.

Ninaika Therinda Maname Serial | Star Vijay TV
Ninaika Therinda Maname Serial | Star Vijay TV

Vijay TV’s Ninaika Therinda Maname serial is going to give tough competition to its rival channels and prime time serials. The other channels provide similar marriage background serials, but this programme with all its wonderful episodes provide a different angle and taste to Tamil audiences. The bride and bridegroom who are about to be married where the whole family drama unveils. The centre plot revolves around the female actresses and having said that the actors have also done beautiful work.

Ninaika Therinda Maname is surely a fresh concept in serials by Vijay TV. The costumes, flowers, arrangement, festive occasions, real acting, huge cast, multi-angle cameras, clear cinematography, neat dialogues and thrill that is brought in all episodes have given this serial a cult following. Yes, not to hype further, see this serial and share your comments below about what you think about this Vijay TV serial.

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Niram Maaratha Pookal Serial | Zee Tamil | Actors and Actresses | Prime Time

Niram Maaratha Pookal is the niche serial by Zee Tamil TV. This story is unique and all actors and actresses in this serial have done a seamless acting and did justice to the role. The plot of this serial is that the lead actor is forced to marry his child hood crush. But unfortunately after his marriage his wife goes to work as a servant for her child hood crush. A complex Tamil Serial by Zee Television is airing in prime time slot during evening.

Niram Maaratha Pookal SerialNiram Maaratha Pookal Serial
Niram Maaratha Pookal Serial

This Zee TV serial called as Niram Maratha Pookal is fresh and lives up to its new caption “Let hearts come together and welcome change”. This Tamizh serial is surely a welcome change and it has been awe inspiring. This plot is quite new and trendy. Such youthful relationships and metro style lifestyle is good and evenly flowing. Tamil audiences across the world have praised the cinematography of this serial which had used multi-angle cameras.

Right from the promo and initial episodes this serial Niram Maaratha Pookal has served its purpose. One person can be how much powerful but if truth is not in his side, victory cannot be his own. The phone, relationship, affection and acting scheme has been the sure hit behind this serial. Zee Tamil has comeback with stunning competition to rival channels and seems like it’s a good beginning. So, what do you think about this serial? Comment below.

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