Cinnathambi | Vijay TV | Tamil Serial Cast and Crew

Star Vijay Television’s all new Serial called as Chinna Thambi is about a Jallikattu player. This serial is timely and placed as the need of the hour. The Tamil culture and nuances between how a Jallikattu player and City girl gets married and faces the world. Yes, the actress in this serial also had done a very good role. The way she blasts the hero during the promo itself is awesome. He gets bullied for trapping her car and she scolds him unnecessarily for his act.

Chinnatambi Serial by Vijay TV
Chinnatambi Serial by Vijay TV

Chinnatambi Serial by Vijay TV is a value add. It brings a unique village and city blend with the lead actor and actresses around. Star Vijay’s Chinna Thambi Serial is a welcome by all serial audiences across the world. This fresh genre is good and adds as a compliment to other serials like Saravanan Meenakshi, Raja Rani, Tamil Kadavul Murugan etc. The Bigg Boss show is also a worthy mention that raised its TRP ratings of Vijay TV. This serial also could turn out to be a TRP spinner.

Vijay TV cast and crew are vast and so is this serial Chinnatambi. The actors and actresss are good and use of Multi-Angle camera is special. The sand, mann vasanai, village drop, flowers and plants with greeny visuals make it a super hit serial. Star Vijay’s cast always brings good cheers from audiences and this serial is no exception. Actor and actresses seamless acting adds that Tamil touch and so, what do you think about this serial china tambi. Comment below and voice your thoughts!

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Nandini and Sun TV’s Kala Chakra Search

Nandini Serial’s Kala Chakra or Kala Chakram is five piece magical thing that makes a person rich. Rani in the photo tries to protect the family from evil spirits cast by cameleon. She searches for Kala Chakra in Arun or Raja Sekar’s room. The necklace ties the good spirit not to come out and the chota evil lady finds the Chakra behind a photo frame.

Sun TV carves a niche with the Nandini serial. The Kala Chakram has been there for over 100 years and it’s at the feet of God. But the evil spirit cannot touch the Chakra but only can see it. Arun and Ganga as lead actor and actress are doing a very nice role. Sundar C has left no stone unturned. This is surely a mega budget serial by Sun TV.

Samundi is the evil lady that plans to snatch the Kala Chakram. The Katha Boothan had even killed his father to keep an eye on it. It will be interesting to see how two evil actors fight each other for the God Particle. The midget named creature and black villain are aspiring for it. Devasena kid girl is also amazing. Nandini Serial telecast in the prime time slot by evening. Sun TV is doing a great job and rising it’s TRP with this Tamil Serial. So what you think is the final plot of this serial. Comment below.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a Zee Tamil Television Serial that airs in the prime time evening slot. The lead actress Vennila and lead actor Muttarasu are doing a niche and seamless acting. Swati as female villain is too good. Her expression’s are applauded. The serial Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a welcome add to the list of serials that telecasts in Zee Tamil.

Muttarasu’s wife is no more and he needs to remarry either Vennila or Swati. The power of God or the extraterrestrial force helps, Sanjiv who acts as Muttarasu, from being married to Swathi instead of Vennila. All characters are doing good. Even the maid Sumathi does an inspiring and memorable role. Maruthu should have built hospital if his mother had given share in her property.

Janani would have done her studies in foreign if her mother had allocated her share to Janani as well. Her mother breaks down and plans to poison the whole family. Here goes the twist and plot of this thrilling story. Keep watching Yaaradi Nee Mohini and share your thoughts on this Zee TV Tamil Serial. Thanks for reading. Cheers!


Kings of Dance Season 2 | Vijay TV | Auditions, Contestants and Judges

Star Vijay Television Show exclusive Kings of Dance Season 2 is being going well since auditions. The Judges and Contestant list is surprising to see. Vijay TV has hosted many dance shows and it is very good at putting up such shows with big ticket judges who are very famous. Previously Prabhu Deva the nation’s top dancer in India has been a part of such shows in Vijay TV Tamil.

Kings of Dance Season 2 | Vijay TV | Auditions, Contestants and Judges
Kings of Dance Season 2 | Vijay TV | Auditions, Contestants and Judges

Kings of Dance Season 2 is huge and its auditions happened at Madurai and Coimbatore. The location of auditions were perfect and Judges around Tamil Nadu were very impressed with the way it is conducted. The Contestants are superb and the turnaround was impressive for Tamil Vijay TV. Audiences like such shows and usually the judge panel will be comprising of one dance master, one actress and other celebrity form cine sphere.

Vijay TV’s Dance Season 2 is railing with expectation and sure it didn’t disappoint any one. Tamil Audiences welcome it with much awe as such Live Reality Shows are good to watch and enjoy. Erode Mahesh, Thadi Balaji, Ma Ka Pa, Namitha and many others have carved a niche and are permanent judges in many other comedy shows. But dance shows are special and we will post the details as received in the comment section below, keep watching this page for more!

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