Thought for the day – Love Work : Ask Yourself

You always have a choice but you forget that you have it. Do you remember the energy and enthusiasm you had on the first day of your first job? You consciously chose to do the work you had gladly accepted to do. But then you gradually fell asleep to the choice you made, and the day became “I have to” go to work, instead of “I want to” go to work. You forgot to see all the opportunities which come with work – opportunities like learning, nourishing and being nourished by others, developing new relationships, expanding your personal capacity. Instead you decided it was just something that you had to do to ‘get the money‘.

This is why most people are sleep-walking through their lives, and they don’t know it. The solution, choose your work every day, put the energy of love into your relationships…every day, even if you don’t particularly like your job or the people around you. And you’ll be amazed at how your life transforms. When you choose to put love into what you do, the universe will move heaven and hell to let you do what you love.

The Science of Happiness, The fewer desires you have, the happier you will be. Having the right information (truth) leads to contentment. Having the right understanding of the self, our purpose, our origins and our true relationships should free us from the cycles of boom and bust and lead society to that ultimate happiness.

Ask yourself…

What is most important in my life?

Keep that in front of you and you will discover that most other things get solved by themselves. Do not leave the important things until last, for then they will become urgent and you will lose the valuable treasure of peace.

Radha Krishna Serial – Vijay TV – Mega budget serial info

Radha Krishna Serial is a Vijay TV Tamil Serial that airs in the prime time slot of the television. This serial is a mega hit across India when it launched in Hindi in Star Bharat television. Tamil audiences also will like this legendary story of Lord Krishna and Radha. This epic love story is the integral part of Hindu mythology. The backdrop of this serial is fresh and breath-taking.

Radha Krishna Vijay TV Serial
Radha Krishna Vijay TV Serial

Himanshu Soni acted as Lord Krishna in Vijay TV Serial. Radha of Krishna is enacted by Mallika Singh and Shivya Pathania. Rheena Kapoor as Yashoda and Gavie Chahal as Nandhi has done a very seamless acting. Tamil audience across the world have well received and celebrated the initial episodes of Radhaa Krishna serial. The narrator Saurabh Raj Jain has done a good work.

Actress Mallika Singh who plays Radha in Star Vijay Tamil serial is hailing from Jammu and Kashmir. This virgo sign actress, debuted in feature film Kirpaan, The sword of honor and this was her debut serial. She likes red color and reading books. Did you know? Mallika Singh also learned harmonium for this soap opera. Her voice is beautiful and so it this serial cinematography. She attended vocal skills seminar for sharpening her vocal skills. So, what do you think about this Vijay TV mythology serial? Comment below and let us know.

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Neelakuyil | Vijay TV Serial | Snisha Chandran as tribal girl – Time and Info

The famous TV actress Snisha Chandran from Malayalam television has been selected as the female lead actress in Vijay TV Serial Neela Kuyil. This marks the Tamil debut for Snisha. Sathya was an anchor in TV who plays the male actor along with Telugu serial fame Chandhana Shetty in the supporting role. Neelakkuyil was being used the same name in Malayalam serial and in Bengali it was called as Ishti Kutum and Mohi in Hindi respectively.

NeelaKuyil Vijay TV Serial
NeelaKuyil Vijay TV Serial

Neelakuyil Serial is a family romance melodrama. Tamil serial audiences will like a new genre with forest backdrop and city backdrop in parallel mix as used in this Vijay TV serial. Directed by Thangaraj, this serial is cinematographed by Ashok Kumar. The prime time slot of 3.30 pm is used to telecast this serial. The Poombarai forest is the actual forest that appears in the backdrop of Neelakuyil serial.

The story plot of Neelakuyil serial revolves around forcefully married Snisha as Chittu, is a tribal girl, and her husband Sathya as Jaisurya, young journalist from the city, manages to strive post their accidental marriage situation. But he is in love with seven year love from Chandhana as Rani. So, that is again a triangle love story concept. Other actors like Sabitha Nair, Bala Murugan, Vasanth Gopinath and Jayanthi have all done their part seamlessly. So, what do you think about this new Soap Opera NeelaKuyuil, comment your views below.