A genie appeared in the dream of a woman

A genie appeared in the dream of a woman.
Whatever you want, just ask ” it said.

“My husband’s eyes should be only on me during all waking hours.”

“And then ..?”

“He should not be concerned with anything else in life except me.”

“And then?”

“He should never sleep without me by his side.”

“And then ..?”

“When he wakes up in the morning he should only see my face first.”

“And then ..?”

“He should not go anywhere without me.”

“And then ..?”

“If there is even a single scratch on me, he should go crazy with grief.”

“And then ..?”

“That’s it.”

Bingo, ✨🌟💫
… the genie turned the woman into an iphone!!…

Take care during infections like Corona virus while spreading, have light heart and laugh whenever possible. Stay Strong, Stay Blessed!

Kongumudi Serial | MAA TV | Telugu Village Drama | Ganga

MAA TV presents the Kongumudi Serial which airs in the prime time slot in the Telugu Television. This serial revolves around the woman Ganga who hails from village. Aspiring to become a doctor and innocence at its best is portrayed well in this serial by MAA TV. Telugu audiences across the world have welcomed this serial with huge applause. This shows in the TRP ratings of MAA TV that is trending high after Kongumudi’s launch.

Season 2 of Kongumudi to start shoot after corona lockdown is over. As we are in unlock 1.0, we may expect an announcement soon on this hopefully.

Kongumudi gives a fresh genre for Telugu serial audiences. Mana Andari TV as the slogan goes for MAA TV, this serial is for everyone. Not only for housewives and hard-core serial viewers, this serial is light and enjoyable watch for all. MAA TV is a part of Star India network and its niche offerings are unique and interesting. This village backdrop serial is an example.

Kongumudi Serial | MAA TV | Telugu Village Drama | Ganga
Kongumudi Serial | MAA TV | Telugu Village Drama | Ganga

Right from the first episode itself this serial has kindled the interest. Surya who has been searched by police officers and he is safeguarded by the house inmate. The thrill persists and cinematography is beautifully handled. Ganga in tears while Surya leaves and sentimental high point scores. So, what do you think about this Serial Kongumudi? Will MAA TV succeed in its offering? Comment below, if you like, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – FaceLaptop by clicking the red subscribe button below for more updates, Cheers!

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Indian railway budget comedy

Request to Railway Minister,

Sir whether you lower the train fair or not, please increase the length of chain of the bathroom mug…
It doesn’t reach where it is supposed to…!!!

With the Shramik special trains plying in India during Corona times, this joke could keep your mind light hearted. Disclaimer: This is just for fun and no offense intended.