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Ninaika Therinda Maname is the Vijay TV Tamil Serial that airs during the prime time slot. The refreshed Vijay TV is a no nonsense channel that airs all premier TV shows and soap operas. Alongside the series of comedy shows, Vijay TV has brought in this mega budget top notch serial called as Ninaika Therinda Maname. The bridal background and marriage related serial has numerous niche actors and actresses.

Ninaika Therinda Maname Serial | Star Vijay TV
Ninaika Therinda Maname Serial | Star Vijay TV

Vijay TV’s Ninaika Therinda Maname serial is going to give tough competition to its rival channels and prime time serials. The other channels provide similar marriage background serials, but this programme with all its wonderful episodes provide a different angle and taste to Tamil audiences. The bride and bridegroom who are about to be married where the whole family drama unveils. The center plot revolves around the female actresses and having said that the actors have also done beautiful work. Vijay TV always rocks with amazing shows and serials.

Ninaika Therinda Maname is surely a fresh concept in serials by Vijay TV. The costumes, flowers, arrangement, festive occasions, real acting, huge cast, multi-angle cameras, clear cinematography, neat dialogues and thrill that is brought in all episodes have given this serial a cult following. Yes, not to hype further, see this serial and share your comments below about what you think about this Vijay TV serial.

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