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Nandini is a Tamil Serial that airs in Sun TV during the prime time slot. The plot of this serial revolves around the black magic and the mysterious secrets behind defense of the powers cast by evil spirits. The magic powers are cast in the episodes and impersonation is the core theme and dodge behind this Sun TV serial. Recently we have seen a series of launches by Sun TV and all the serials are garnering awesome TRP ratings.

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This Sun TV’s new serial episodes of Nandini is a treat for Tamil audiences across the world. Following the cult and niche cinematography followed in serials like Yamuna and Ganga this serial also adds to the list. Do see our exclusive videos of both these serials in our YouTube Channel – FaceLaptop. Since the launch of promo itself, Nandhini Serial has spooked the thrill by the usage of its mild graphics that merges well with the scenes.

Nandini Serial | Sun TV Tamil – Episodes | Did you know?
Nandini Serial | Sun TV Tamil – Episodes | Did you know?

Nandini Serial is special for Sun TV. This is a fresh genre for Tamil audiences at this time where not much Mystic serials are around. Television connects to audiences with much ease and Nandhini Serial is no exception. So, what do you think about this serial? How do you like the series of launches like Yamuna, Ganga and now Nandini to treat the audiences by Sun TV? Comment below, if you like, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube Channel – FaceLaptop for latest updates, Cheers!

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