Nandini and Sun TV’s Kala Chakra Search

Nandini Serial’s Kala Chakra or Kala Chakram is five piece magical thing that makes a person rich. Rani in the photo tries to protect the family from evil spirits cast by cameleon. She searches for Kala Chakra in Arun or Raja Sekar’s room. The necklace ties the good spirit not to come out and the chota evil lady finds the Chakra behind a photo frame.

Sun TV carves a niche with the Nandini serial. The Kala Chakram has been there for over 100 years and it’s at the feet of God. But the evil spirit cannot touch the Chakra but only can see it. Arun and Ganga as lead actor and actress are doing a very nice role. Sundar C has left no stone unturned. This is surely a mega budget serial by Sun TV.

Samundi is the evil lady that plans to snatch the Kala Chakram. The Katha Boothan had even killed his father to keep an eye on it. It will be interesting to see how two evil actors fight each other for the God Particle. The midget named creature and black villain are aspiring for it. Devasena kid girl is also amazing. Nandini Serial telecast in the prime time slot by evening. Sun TV is doing a great job and rising it’s TRP with this Tamil Serial. So what you think is the final plot of this serial. Comment below.

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