Naagini Sun TV tamil serial Review

Naagini started airing in Sun TV recently and it has crossed over 30 episodes while I write this review. Ichchadari naaginis’, the disguising female snakes, revenge story as it unveils, into a truly scenic serial. This serial has increased rating for Sun TV while replacing Aadhira serial which was just average.

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Naaaaagini’ – yes, this is how it is pronounced in the promos of this serial. I like the way they make it scarier by the way they pronounce it. Surprisingly it lives up to the expectations. The successful hindi serial Naagin from Colors TV is dubbed into Naagini, but the dubbing is seamless and gels well.

Shivanya, the lead actress along with Shreya, both naaginis are in search of their parent’s killers. The plot is simple and that is what gives this serial a focus. Unlike other serials with numerous number of branching and deviation from main plot, just to drag is well avoided. The promos are clearly spoilers I would say. They show almost everything that the next episode holds. While Sun TV clearly pitches to promote using promos, it also makes it a dumb idea. Could be avoided, yes, we get it!

I would call this serial as a “Cultural Freshness” because for south audience the north style soap opera is fresh to watch. Of course in recent times many north serials are dubbed, but Naagini is special. The graphics is not great, but much relevant and satisfactory level of animation. For serial standards, this is just fine. All actors have acted well.

Finally, this is one prime slot serial you cannot miss anyways. Once you are back from your day job, you will have to watch this serial before going to sleep. This is what prime time does to you, but don’t worry this serial isn’t that bad. So, common let’s join Shivanya on her mission.

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