Mother-Mentor-Maker| The three M’s of my life

Well, to begin with, I would like you all to know that I am a working mother. I have just penned down my everyday encounters here. Being a working mother makes me feel like a superwoman. Sometimes I handle so many chores at a time that I wonder, “Is that me who did all of that!” That makes me a WONDER-WOMAN as well, you know!! Alright, jokes apart, I am here to share my experiences of being a teacher at school and a mother at home.

In the mornings, as soon as I wake my 3-year-old daughter up, the only word I hear is MUMMA. Mumma please help me brush my teeth. Mumma bathe me. Mumma, I don’t want to go to the school today. It almost feels like a battle every morning sending her to the school. And that is just the beginning.

Tired already, I dress up for the school. Recovering from the aftermath of the battle with my child at home, I walk into my classroom wanting to look happy, fresh and presentable. No matter how energetic I am, my students are always one step ahead of me. And then I start hearing, MA’AM, I did not bring my textbook, Ma’am, he is sitting in my place, Ma’am, she is poking me with her pencil. I wonder how naughty can these kids get! I wonder where on earth do they get such abundant energy from! Would my child be doing the same to her teacher! But thank The Almighty, the day comes to an end and I finally get back home.

But like I already told you, the struggle is never- ending. I go home only to realize that my domestic help has not turned up today. So here starts my work as the MAID. I want my house to be perfect. Everything be in the right place, neatly washed curtains, no piled-up clothes, no dirty vessels in the kitchen. And I convincingly succeed in this attempt.

But at night when I go to bed, I am not happy. I don’t feel content. I feel that my life is just a race. A race where I keep running all alone and all day long. There is no end to it. It is never-ending. I feel suffocated among the three M’s which you might have already come across in the story of my life- MUMMA, MA’AM and MAID.

I suddenly feel that I am worthless. I am of absolutely no value. Though I keep running all day long, I am going nowhere. But one fine day, there was a self-realization. This led me to a deeper meaning of my life.

I realized how important I was in my daughter’s life. She looked up to me for EVERYTHING. She was observing me and wanted to become like me. She would wear my stole just the way I do. She would wear my cosmetics and perfume. She made her hair like mine and asked me, “Mumma, do I look like you?” That was when I realized where I was going wrong. I did not want my daughter to be like me. I did not want to portray myself as a tired, frustrated and struggling mumma. I realized I had to be her MOTHER. That mother who is the role model. The epitome of patience, kindness and unconditional love.

Meanwhile at school my students were also learning from me. They were learning more from what I was than from what I tried to teach them from the books. At that moment I realized that I was not just their ma’am but their MENTOR. I had to be the perfect role model to them.

Taking care of my house is my responsibility. I understood that it need not be perfect all the time. The toys lying on the floor mean that my daughter has had a happy play time. The unwashed vessels in my kitchen mean that we indeed cooked a delicious meal and enjoyed having it. The pile of clothes lying on the chair mean that I am too tired and the needful shall be done tomorrow. The responsibility of my house makes me the home MAKER.

In life, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. People will judge you no matter what you do. If someone is not happy with you, just let them go. If people find your house messed up, let them not drop in. If they find your lifestyle boring, let them not hang around with you. If they do not like what you cook, please allow them to help themselves at their home. People who truly value your worth will choose to stay with you no matter what. It is up to you to decide what is significant. Is pleasing others your priority or staying happy in your “cosy little house”? Oops!! “messy little house”.

At the end of this article I have found the correct M’s of my life- Mother, Mentor, Maker. There are many more alphabets to go. Hope you all find your right alphabets with their significant meanings.

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