Ladies Special- Season 2 | Sony TV Hindi Serial Review

Ladies Special is one of the recently aired shows on Sony TV. It is being aired since the 27th of November, 2018. Ladies Special Season 2 is a come-back project of the show which aired on Sony TV on 25th May,2009, by the same name- Ladies Special. Back then, this show was welcomed dearly by all the viewers and Optimistic Production House of Vipul Shah has tried to recreate the same magic this time as well.

Ladies-Special- Season 2 on Sony TV
Ladies-Special- Season 2 on Sony TV

The show revolves around the lives of three women who come from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. The lead roles are played by Chavvi Pandey, Bijal Joshi and Girija Oak. Each of these woman is facing some turbulence in her personal life. While Chavvi Pandey as Prarthana Kashyap and Girija Oak as Meghna Nikade struggle to lead a financially independent life and earn self-respect, Bijal Joshi portrays the role of an ideal Gujrati bahu in the serial, struggling to establish herself as an ideal wife in her husband’s life.

The plot develops when these three women meet on the local Mumbai train, Ladies Special and develop a bond. A bond of mutual understanding, friendship and empathy. As the serial involves three different stories at the same time, there is no low point in the episodes. All the episodes aired so far are very interesting and involve the audiences thoroughly.

The story depicts real life scenarios without any exaggeration and that is why we would give it ‘two thumbs up’ for sure. The challenges that a middle-class woman in Mumbai faces are portrayed realistically. Be it the need to support the family or to lead a dignified life, these actors have nailed it all through their acting.

Let us sit back and enjoy some real good acting skills and try to understand the role of a modern woman in today’s world. I shall see you at the Sony Entertainment Television at 9.30 p.m, every Monday to Friday.

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