Krishna Janmashtami – Shri Krishna Jayanti – Gokulashtami – Memes


Called in by many names, ‘Krishnashtami’, ‘Saatam Aatham’, ‘Gokulashtami’, ‘Ashtami Rohini’, ‘Srikrishna Jayanti’, ‘Sree Jayanti’ etc, it is the birth of Hindu God Krishna, avataram of God Vishnu.

Krishna Jayanti

Young lads play a game of breaking a high-hanging pot to celebrate this occasion of devotion to God Krishna. In Tamil this is called ‘Uriadi’.

Shri Krishna Jayanti Morning Wish

Fasting, staying up until Midnight, perform special prayers to God Vishnu’s avataram are the specialty of this festival.

Saatam Aatham Ashtami Rohini

Celebrated in many parts of India and internationally, let this day be great to you and your family. Wish you a Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

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