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With “Thalakaalu Puriyalaye” song and village backdrop, this movie Kidaari, played by M.Sasikumar impresses in parts. This mystery thriller is full of adrenaline rush but in vain. I mean the thrills are not supported by a strong storyline. Sasikumar as well didn’t do much to impress.

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Directed by Prasath Murukesan, Kidaari is about murder solving. Village head’s failed murder and how it unfolds is the weak storyline. A new genre of screenplay but has it kept you in the edge of the seat? Well, at times. This movie is a “Time pass Watch“. If you are a fan of Sasikumar go for it.

Kidaari Sasikumar Film
Kidaari Sasikumar Film

Heroine Nikhila Vimal just appears and does nothing much. Kidaari also casts Napoleon. As new characters are being introduced throughout the movie, I mean literally they blossom every minute. This makes the characters not memorable. So, what say, watch this movie for the loyal character of Sasikumar and have a mild entertainment. Subscribe to our channel for more. Happy watching!

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