Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil | Cast and Crew | Info

Kalyanamam Kalyanam is a Vijay TV Tamil Serial that airs in the prime time slot. This serial revolves around the duo who have different views on marriage. This dramatic marriage centric serial is a refreshing add to the huge list of serials that telecasts in Vijay TV. Unlike other television programmes Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial has kindled the spirit of women audiences right from the promo of this serial itself. All cast and crew of this serial is awesome.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil
Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil

This Vijay TV serial called as Kalyanamam Kalyanam has intact plot and good message showing that the heroine of the serial is of a new dimension of thought and understanding regarding marriage. The hero or lead actor of this serial has niche thinking and he is of a fresh view on marriage. The actors and actresses have done a very good acting and background score and intro song are all well made. Vijay TV always surprises the audiences with good plot and story. The actors usually merge with lot many shows and evolve into big stars in silver screen as well.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial is youth centric and has huge fan base creation power. This serial is niche and millennial age thinking and backdrop is the unique genre of this serial. Vijay TV stars emerge and evolve over time blending with other shows and timing at the right slot. So, what do you think about this marriage related serial, Kalyanam Kalyanam? Comment your views below.

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