Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV | Meghana and Sunny in Telugu

Star Maa TV has come up with a brand new serial called as Kalyana Vaibhogame. Yes, it is a double role serial and Meghana Lokesh as heroine just rocks the sets. The backdrop of this serial is village greenery and apt to the story line. One character in this Telugu Serial is selfish and rich lady and other actor played by Meghana is an adorable village girl. Two contrasting characters provides the niche to this serial.

Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV
Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV

Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial is apt for Telugu audiences and Sunny as the lead actor of this serial plays the pivotal role. Star Maa TV launched numerous successful serials and Telugu audiences across the world are celebrating this serial with much awe. Kalyana Vaibhogame is not just another serial that plays, the niche carved around this serial is in the nuances of cinematography.

Meghana and Sunny play the crucial role of marriage and story plot that plays around the village and city. The difference shown by Meghana Lokesh in both startling characters in all episodes provide much response. Though predictable at times, the racy screenplay and music holds this serial near to Telugu audiences. So, what do you think about Kalyana Vaibogam Serial, comment below.

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