How to save data when in WhatsApp Group

There is a new feature introduced in WhatsApp to save data when lot of messages, audio and video files are being shared in a group and data runs out quickly.

When we are in a big WhatsApp group, we have a common problem and risk of low phone space because of the many images & videos members share.

To solve this problem you can use a WhatsApp feature where you can see the pics in group only.. without saving them to your phone.
Please follow below steps:

1) Click on 3 dots shown on the right top corner in the group.
2) Click on the first option i.e. GROUP INFO
3) Three options shown below the group name i.e. mute notifications, custom notification, Media visibility
4) Click on the third option MEDIA VISIBILITY
5) Click “No” option

Now the media will not be saved in your phone. but it will display only in your group chats..

This feature is only available in Group, not for individuals.

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