How to get your first 100 YouTube Subscribers!

Well, this is a $100 dollar question isn’t it? I’m just joking, it is achievable easily. This is the 101st video post in our FaceLaptop channel and I would like to take a moment to give away some of my learning. Remember, at this time of writing this information at FaceLaptop we have just crossed 300 subscribers!

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Yes, we did it. We did it in three month time. See, this is the first take away for you. It takes both time and effort. Don’t give up once you are frustrated. It is the perseverance that is the key. I would say that the first 100 subscribers was the toughest, the next is just a cake walk and so on.

How to get your first 100 YouTube Subscribers!
How to get your first 100 YouTube Subscribers!

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One more advice from FaceLaptop is that, Move on if something doesn’t work. Say, you have started with something in your mind, like a food blog. And if it doesn’t give you enough hits because of competition, then all you got to do is just do a spin-off and do something related to food, or some women centric stuff as cooking blog didn’t do well. This way you can explore other categories and who knows the luck might come your way…

Yes, hardwork plus luck, is all the key to get your first 100 subscribers in YouTube that I have personally learnt by building this awesome blog and video site – FaceLaptop. Cheers!

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