Hello Sago Reality Show | Sun TV | Shruti Hassan on Sunday | Time Noon 1 pm

Hello Sago is a Sruthi Hasssan’s television host debut show. This show will air in Sun Television during weekend on Sundays at noon. Yes, at 1pm prime time slot is allocated for this show. The Sun TV has always come up with fresh shows and invest hugely for celebrity shows like this. Sure this show is going to hit High TRP and BARC ratings soon.

Hello Sago Reality Show | Sun TV | Shruti Hassan
Hello Sago Reality Show | Sun TV | Shruti Hassan

Launching on October 28, this show Hello Sago has released a promo video which shows Sruthi Hassan is a fresh genre. The caption being “Fresh breeze of entertainment” this show is going to be a super hit following the footsteps of her father like hosting Bigg Boss show. Kamal Hassan sure will be very proud to see his daughter host the television show in Sun TV. Sago means friend. So, its like Hello Friend!

Shruthi Hassan is extremely talented and is a music composer, singer and actress. This new television hosting also will add to her versatile talent. Sun TV has left no stones unturned, this is surely fresh show following many personalities hosting television shows recently like Vishal, Varakalshmi, Surya and Aravind Swamy. This show may be similar to No 1 Yaari show by Rana Daggubati recently airing with high TRP ratings.

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