Ganga Serial | Sun TV | Tamil Episodes | Did you know?

Ganga is the Sun TV Serial that airs in prime time slot from Monday to Saturday. This Tamil Serial is a niche genre and the plot revolves around the main centre of power called Gangamma. The supreme power Gangamma holds the key secret behind the village mortality. Did you know? The story of Ganga Serial takes place in the village Kannikapuram. As per the literal meaning of the name itself it’s so scary.

Ganga Serial | Sun TV | Tamil Episodes
Ganga Serial | Sun TV | Tamil Episodes

Yes, Kannikapuram means village full of single women who are not married yet. The village in this serial Ganga is haunted and cursed by the rage of Gangamma. Sun TV always surprises with high budget serials and soars the TRP ratings. This new genre horror thriller with a variation is fresh for Tamil Audiences across the world. Tamil audiences have awaited for this serial with huge expectation since the launch of promo itself.

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Very well acted by the lead actresses, this serial along with Yamuna by Bhanupriya are catering to a wide spread of audiences. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – FaceLaptop, if you like, and do see our reviews for Yamuna in the channel and other thrilling serials facts and plot. So, what do you think about the serial Ganga by Sun TV? Comment below and have a nice day, Cheers!

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