Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr | Zee TV Horror Show

The Zee Horror Show brings the fear factor back to television audiences with its show ‘Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr’. The Fear brought about in this show is unique and presented in a fresh perspective. Get ready to grab the edge of the seat during the prime time slot in the weekends. Zee TV viewers where missing a thriller horror show along the lines of Fear Files and here it is, grab dinner, sit back and enjoy the thrill ride.

Zee TV always brings edgy content and audience will like this new genre. The show Aahat did magic few years back in Sony and it’s time for Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr to take its place. Did you know? Suresh Motwani is one of the producer of this horror show. This second season of Fear Files is an in-depth exploration and all set to be even more horrific than the first season. Zee TV sets to provide a quality family time and add variety to its offerings.

The first season of Fear Files soared the TRP ratings of Zee TV to sky high. Audiences like to get scared and watch horror serials and shows. To explore others life and events interests them indeed. This time in the second season of Fear Files it is the small factors that creeps and instill fear to audiences. Leaf rumpling, shadow fear, gate closing slowly and a single crow sitting on roof top etc. are simple techniques employed to add spine thrilling horror to this new season.

Horror gets huge response across the globe and in fact it has been the trend in the recent past. There are many Indian horror films doing well, but anyways we cannot compare them with Television. But the likes of audiences have been drawing analogy. Did you know? Fear Files Season 2 is all shot in Mumbai and had many youngsters who acted extraordinarily. Featuring famous actors are not good for horror shows. So, the director has used mostly new faces to give the real feeling.

The first season had crossed over 200 episodes and it was its unique fear factor that played the right cards. This season Har Mod Pe Darr of Fear Files show is keeping its central theme intact. Yes, it is the ‘Good to win over Evil philosophy’. It is not easy to scare people as it takes a niche skill to promote superstition and fear.  The previous installment Fear Files – Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein ran over two years and touched lot of paranormal incidents and investigations. Those events were strange and presented interestingly to television audiences.

The cast Aashish Kaul, Meghan Jadhav, Heera, Megha Gupta and Manish Goel have all done seamless acting. Did you know? The script was prepared and written by Gitangshu Dey. The cinematography of this show was handled by Shakil Khan, Subhransu Das and Raju Gauli. Zee Television also hosts numerous interesting shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Brahmarakshas, Jamai Raja etc. We at FaceLaptop have lots of facts and interesting updates present all over our YouTube Channel. Do subscribe by clicking the red subscribe button and share your views and opinions on this show Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr. Cheers and have a great day!

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