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Divided is a game show hosted by Gopinath of Neeya Naana fame. Vijay TV is all out spending lot of money on this show to garner a fresh show for audiences. Such rewarding shows make huge impact and become contributors for TRP ratings of TV channels like Star Vijay. This show is the second show that Gopinath is hosting after a successful decade long educational and debate show. However, this game show is unique and need a different level of IQ to get what is going on.

Divided Game Show | Vijay TV | Gopinath
Divided Game Show | Vijay TV | Gopinath

Spying on the greed, this show Divided has three participants. Of the three people who play the game the initial amount is huge. They initially play together to answer simple questions and win the big amount. Of course the value of initial fund keeps on reducing, but at last before climax they do have a huge amount to divide amongst them. It is here the plot of Vijay TV’s Divided comes to play. And Gopinath is very clever to host this show.

Gopinath plays with minds of players in Divided reality game show and they will now have to split the amount based on three slots A, B and C. Where A is huge amount, B is little less and C will be the least. The players fight among them to distribute in this fashion on agreement. During this process the value of the initial huge amount will keep on diminishing, thus adding interest to this show. Do you know how to participate in this Divided Vijay TV show? Please comment your views below on this.

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