Darling Darling | Zee Tamil TV Serial | Romantic Comedy Series | Did you know?

Darling Darling is a new Tamil Serial that airs in Zee Tamil TV. This Serial is a Romantic Comedy Series and a fresh genre for Tamil audiences across the world. Zee Channel is investing hugely into getting a major market share in the Tamil Silver Screen Industry. Calling in all the celebrities to open the eyes and raise the eyebrows is a traditional technique employed in Television. Did you know? This celebrity frenzy is to initially capture huge audience base like the launch of JIO with free voice calls, isn’t it?

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Did you know? The title song of this comedy serial is sung by the famous singer Gaana Bala. The music is composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar and Lyrics was written by Dako. The opening line itself tells you the tale, ikkaraikku akkara pachai – meaning, the grass on the other side is green. Ethutha veetula enda kanna vecha – meaning, why you eavesdrop neighbouring house matters. Well, what more do we need to understand the plot of this series Darling Darling.

Darling Darling | Zee Tamil TV Serial | Romantic Comedy Series
Darling Darling | Zee Tamil TV Serial | Romantic Comedy Series

Amazingly done visuals of serial captures the attention right away. It’s a treat for the audiences to have a light hearted serial. Most serials are very serious and you know the same cliché techniques employed. This is a welcome watch for serial audiences out there. Kudos to ZEE Tamil TV Team. So, what do you think about this serial? Comment below, subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the red subscribe button for more updates.

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