Comedy Junction Sun TV show review

Clearly I wouldn’t have written a review on Comedy Junction, the new Sun TV show that airs in the prime time. But, I’m being left with no option. Abruptly the EMI – Thavanai Murai Vazhkai serial was shelved and replaced. It has been just one week of episodes into the new comedy show and I’m feeling how much I miss EMI, aren’t you with me?

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It is not that Comedy Junction is all bad, it is fine. Sun TV clearly tries to make a Vijay TV kind of show and well its working in parts and may be slowly getting there. But, I would appreciate if they had found some other slot or immediately announced the new time for EMI. We’re left in a limbo.

Comedy Junction makes you laugh at times. The train set is quite annoying. I wish it is changed immediately. Until now I haven’t found any pattern of what this show is all about. It’s haphazard. Missing the focus and couldn’t predict when the episode ends. Editing could have been better.

Having said that, this show is “fresh concept” for Sun TV, expecting it to turn out to be good and engaging in the upcoming episodes. Let’s wait and watch, after all its just one week past. So, what you guys think about it? Share your views as comments and if you like, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Happy Watching!

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