Indian railway budget comedy

Request to Railway Minister,

Sir whether you lower the train fair or not, please increase the length of chain of the bathroom mug…
It doesn’t reach where it is supposed to…!!!

With the Shramik special trains plying in India during Corona times, this joke could keep your mind light hearted. Disclaimer: This is just for fun and no offense intended.

Where is Anirudh’s Live Performance next?

Anirudh Ravichander has been gaining much fan base on his numerous Live Stage Performances across the world. This young talent is going places with his music and composing talent. He is going to perform in Singapore to entertain the Tamil audiences. Yes, Singapore is the next Live destination for Anirudh and he might be at the famous Lisha Pongal Celebration in the Little India location of Singapore. Fans are already super exited to hear his information. The star performer Anirudh has been popular since the…

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Cognitive Computing | Video-on-Demand | What you should know?

With everyone holding a hand held device and the tipping point has reached for huge increase in Video-on-Demand and Cognitive decision making. Viewers across the globe are now using their smart phones to get any data they need. The videos that cater to them need to be analyzed using Cognitive learning and to be rendered to them on demand basis. This is a huge convenience for both the users and a great challenge for media marketing businesses. Watch as YouTube or Hotstar video. The Television…

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