What is Love?

Happy valentine week to all😊 What is love? Love is when my mom kisses me and says mera bachha lakhon me ek hai… Love is when you come back from work and dad says ‘arey beta! aaj bohot der ho gai Love is when ur bhabhi says ‘ hey hero ladki dekhi hai tere liya, koi aur pasand ho tou bata dena’ Love is when ur brother says ‘ bhai tu tension na le, main hu na tere saath Love is when you r Moodless…

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Tech love!!!

▶Girl : Dad I want to tell u something.
▶Dad : what?
▶Girl : I love one boy and he lives in America.
▶Dad : But where u met him?
▶Girl : we know each other by website. ………..
We became friends on Facebook. ….
He proposed me on Skype…
We r loving each other since last two months on WhatsApp. …..
▶Dad : ohh!! Really..
then now marry him on twitter. ……
go to honeymoon by make my trip.com ………..
order children in flip kart. … and
finally if u don’t like ur husband then sell him on OLX. …………..!!!!!!!
▶Daughter shockz. Daddy rockz…..

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