Assorted Jokes

Power cuts
are the only time
the whole family assembles together and members speak to each other. …
as Wi-Fi also remains off…

Seeing this,
Electricity Board has decided to have a tagline called

“Connecting People by Disconnecting Power”!
👆Powerful message😀😀👆


We missed 4 Possible Gold Medals this Olympics:

1)Baba Ramdev for Gymnastics.

2) Salman Khan for Shooting

3) Vijay Mallya for Long Jump


4) Arnab Goswami for ‘Discuss’


Teacher – What is Life Cycle.
Student – Its Hard to pedal a cycle, so we shift to a bike…then we shift to more comfort, we buy a car…because of that we develop a tummy & join the Gym. In the Gym they again give you a cycle …this is called a “Life Cycle” 😜



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