Asianet TV Malayalam | All Serial Names and Timings | Schedule List and Plan

09:00AM                              Geethanjali

11:55AM                              Comedy Awards

12:00PM                              Taste Time

12:30PM                              Kawacham

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01:00PM                              Pranayam

01:30PM                              Chandanamazha

02:00PM                              Parasparam

02:30PM                              Chinthavishtayaya Seetha

03:00PM                              Bharya

03:30PM                              Karutha Muthu

Asianet TV Malayalam | All Serial Names and Timings
Asianet TV Malayalam | All Serial Names and Timings

04:00PM                              Taste Time

04:30PM                              Best of Comedy Stars

05:00PM                              Vellanakalude Nadu

05:30PM                              Chandanamazha

05:55PM                              Sabaritheertham

06:00PM                              Seethayanam

06:30PM                              Pranayam

07:00PM                              Chinthavishtayaya Seetha

07:30PM                              Karutha Muthu

08:00PM                              Parasparam

08:30PM                              Chandanamazha

09:00PM                              Bharya

09:30PM                              Kawacham

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09:55PM                              Comedy Awards

10:00PM                              Vellanakalude Nadu

10:30PM                              Best of Comedy Stars

11:00PM                              Pranayam

11:30PM                              Vellanakalude Nadu

This is the weekday scheduled plan. List of all serials and repeat timing of your favourite serials are brought exclusively for you. Watch and enjoy.

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