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Aranmanai Kiki is a new Vijay TV serial that airs in the prime time slot. This village backdrop and city merged theme gives a fresh air to the serial watching Tamil audience. The heroine of this serial is from village and the mother-in-law of the wheel chair hero called as ota kaalan is from city. The nuance between this duos is the core story of this Aranmanai Kili serial from Star Vijay.

Aranmanai Kili | Vijay TV Serial
Aranmanai Kili | Vijay TV Serial

Kili means parrot. The caged parrot inside the palace means, even though the rich and innocent are within their bounds great, but are caged with very limited liberty. The story as it unfolds will see that how the actor and actress in Aranmanai Kili will shatter the caged feeling and aspire to freedom. But as usual with all serial effects and anti-characters this is no easy task. Vijay Television has hit the nail in the head with this new serial.

The Star network serials like this usually attract high TRP ratings and this Aranmanai Killi serial will be no exception. Right from promos to all episodes flow will be seamless and all episodes will be instant hit with the fresh use of multi-camera option. Director has done an excellent choice of backdrop for Aranmanai Kili and classic old school name of this soap says it all. So, what do you think about this Vijay TV Aranmanai Kili? Comment below.

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