Age of Mythology (AoM) Video Game Review

I’m a fan of Age of Mythology. I have been playing real-time strategy video games since I was a kid. Age of Empires game series and Tzar – the burden of the crown, to be specific. This game is “Truly Awesome”. The graphics is well done, seamless game-play, nice campaign route, amazing random map mode and this game is simply good.

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AoM will keep you playing for hours and hours not knowing that there is a world around you. Well, this will apply for most video games that are strategic in nature, but Age of Mythology is unique. It’s AI – Artificial Intelligence employed is well crafted to perfection. Keeps you immersed and will enthrall you to the core.

Inspired by Greek, Egyptian and Norse Mythology, this computer game is fresh and one of a kind. Evolved from the Age of Empire series, it gives you a new playground and maps to explore. The artistic 3D gaming experience is interesting. Be it ‘The Titans’ to the ‘Tale of the Dragons’, all versions are good. Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studio keeps on innovating and improving. Their attention to graphic detail is commendable.

Very well received by the gamers all around the world, this game AoM has won many hearts and kept making lot of money to the makers. Yes, this game is commercially a great hit. Sold over million units in few months. Try out the new Chinese civilization in the ‘Tale of the Dragon’ version or play the classic ‘Titan’ version, I’m sure you’ll not regret. A work of caution though, don’t blame me for your addiction, that is a different story altogether.

The sound track is repetitive but no one cares as it is really nice. The environment, units, buildings all are perfectly done. Finally, AoM is a fully packed superb strategy game. Have you tried this game? If you have, share your views as comments.

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