ICU – Intensive Comedy Unit | Star Vijay TV | Put Chutney Show | Info

The all new Vijay TV as called as Star Vijay has changed its logo into a new one. The Tamil Logo is fresh and inspiring. The logo change is just an indication of all the new serials and shows launched by the channel. The competition from other channels have leads to many collaborations, like this new show called as ICU – Intensive Comedy Unit. Yes, this is a Put Chutney Show hosted into Vijay TV.

ICU – Intensive Comedy Unit | Star Vijay TV
ICU – Intensive Comedy Unit | Star Vijay TV

Put Chutney is a famous YouTube show and Star Vijay has provided this big opportunity to this team. Star Vijay is pioneer in many comedy shows like Kalakka Povathu Yaru and the classic Lollu Sabha and much more. Intensive Comedy Unit is an apt name and this show is super good. The experience that comes from hosing and running YouTube channel sure helps in establishing connect to the audience.

Vijay TV shows have many comedy stars like Thadi Balaji, Erode Mahesh, Sethu and many others in comedy shows. But it needs a fresh perspective for the new sequence of launches that has come up with like Tamil Kadavul Murugan, ICU – Intensive Care Unit, Big Boss etc. So, what do you think about this show, comment your valuable comments below.

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Enal Mudiyum VJ Hunt Show | Vendhar TV | Sebastian and Santhini | Review

Ennal Mudiyum is a VJ – Video Jockey talent hunt show that exclusively airs on Vendhar TV. This show is super interesting and it is a fresh genre. The bright and fast paced minds who can entertain us using their voice can all participate in this show. Sebastian and Santhini is the hosts of this show. Both have quite amazing skills and are value add for this show by Vendhar TV.

Ennal Mudiyum is a VJ – Video Jockey
Ennal Mudiyum is a VJ – Video Jockey

VJ hunt show are very rare to find in Tamil television. Even we can go on to say this show is one of a kind. It plays in Sunday afternoon prime time slot in Vendhar TV. We are pretty sure this talent show will take the TRP ratings of this channel to sky high. Since the auditions of this show to all episodes have done very well. Kudos to the team behind this show.

Ennaal Mudiyum is an apt name for this VJ hunt show. Times are shifting from RJ to VJ these days. These shows are welcome watch, as many VJs are fast getting popular and even get cinema chances so early in their career. There are many examples for who got successful from TV to Big Screen. Comment below with whom you think has become a great start in Movie Industry who has started the career from Television. Cheers!

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Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV | Meghana and Sunny in Telugu

Star Maa TV has come up with a brand new serial called as Kalyana Vaibhogame. Yes, it is a double role serial and Meghana Lokesh as heroine just rocks the sets. The backdrop of this serial is village greenery and apt to the story line. One character in this Telugu Serial is selfish and rich lady and other actor played by Meghana is an adorable village girl. Two contrasting characters provides the niche to this serial.

Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV
Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial | Star Maa TV

Kalyana Vaibhogame Serial is apt for Telugu audiences and Sunny as the lead actor of this serial plays the pivotal role. Star Maa TV launched numerous successful serials and Telugu audiences across the world are celebrating this serial with much awe. Kalyana Vaibhogame is not just another serial that plays, the niche carved around this serial is in the nuances of cinematography.

Meghana and Sunny play the crucial role of marriage and story plot that plays around the village and city. The difference shown by Meghana Lokesh in both startling characters in all episodes provide much response. Though predictable at times, the racy screenplay and music holds this serial near to Telugu audiences. So, what do you think about Kalyana Vaibogam Serial, comment below.

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Arambh Hindi Serial Facts and Actors | Karthika Nair and Goldie Behl

Vijayendra Prasad who wrote the famous Baahubali script has been busy working on the new Hindi Serial called as Arambh. Did you know? This serial is going to be a magnum opus project. With huge budget and touted to be more than movies this serial is set to roll with Karthika Nair as the lead actress. She will play a role similar to the role of Devasena played by Anushka Shetty in Baahubali.

Arambh Karthika Nair serial
Arambh Karthika Nair serial

Directed by Goldie Behl and story written by Vijeyendra Prasad this serial Arambh will be a treat for Hindi audiences across the world. Many Bollywood actors and actresses are going to feature in this serial. This beautiful fiction serial is still short listing the crew but Karthika Nair is finalised. Karthika gets to ride horses and fight scenes played on top of elephant and she is excited about the underwater fights as well.

This big budget Bollywood serial Arambh will raise the bar for any serial done before. Along the lines of baahubali this serial is surely a super hit. Well received and anticipated by audiences, we are sure Goldie Behl will to a SS Rajamouli as did for Baahubali. So, sure guys, brace up for this huge serial. So, what do you think about this hindi serial? Comment below.

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