Fixing the Leaks

Fixing the Leaks

How much are we leaking throughout the day?  Uhmm No, I don’t mean from the bottom of you, but from the top of you!  How much leakage is happening from the mind?

And, how do we recognize when that energy is leaking away?

The first sign of a leaking mind is sadness and sorrow – a loss in our happiness quotient!

If a thriving bank account gives us happiness, would bankruptcy not cause us sorrow?

In the same way, as the mind is full of positive and powerful thoughts it fills us with joy and wonderment.

As we begin to lose some of that power, sadness and a feeling of lack and loss begin to set in.

Leakage often refers to something of value that is being drained away, such as precious resources of water or oil.

In our mind too, our thoughts are precious.  Those who give their time to meditation have specially and consciously cultivated their thoughts.

If we are not careful, all that precious energy can flow away.

Paying attention to the leaks is the key. Here are some common “holes in the bucket”.

Too Many Waste Thoughts

As we get consumed by too many thoughts, I am often not aware that I am losing my energy in the process.

Just as when we are spending our money recklessly, it’s a little hard to keep track of, and before we know it we are broke!

So, keep thoughts, few and simple, powerful and purposeful.

No Negatives

Negatives are energy drainers. 

To think negatively is not meaningful in any way, except perhaps when we are doing a risk assessment!

Even then, we don’t know if we are right or not!  Negative energy only makes us tired and weak.

To say, “I can’t”, or “That never works” means my vision and attitude are focused on the negative.

We cannot find a solution if we are caught up in the energy of the problem.

Let Go

Holding onto old hurts and envisaging revenge scenarios will not help the mind.

In fact a lot of energy is wasted holding onto old stuff.

Imagine keeping hold of all your old belongings week after week!

It’s stuff you don’t want, it is not useful, and yet you have decided to hold onto it by paying for storage – that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Let go!  You will feel lighter, have a sense of freedom, and you will not have the further expenditure of nagging thoughts or concern.

Judging and Comparing

When we compare ourselves with others, or judge others, we are not acknowledging our own worth and value.

Instead we are trying to feel better about ourselves by putting someone else down, or, we make ourselves feel inferior.

Then I can neither see the good in others, or in myself.

This is a leakage of self-respect. Looking at others for the sake of being inspired by them is one thing, but looking at others to zoom into your own lack is another.

A lot of our energy is leaked out when we comparing and trying to be like others.  Instead, focus on your greatness. Stay in your elevated self-respect.  Stay in your power.


When we constantly find things to complain about, we are really expressing an unhappiness within ourselves.

We then leak enthusiasm, we leak courage, and we don’t have the energy or will to take responsibility for ourselves.

Plug the holes by appreciating instead of complaining, and your happiness level will rise.

As we fill the leaks, we will feel empowered.  An overflowing tank is different from a leaking tank.

In the overflow the water is also leaking away, but there is an element of abundance. In the leaking tank, there is a repair needed.

So too, we can have an overflow in our life if we so choose. But that is a conscious decision, not an emergency repair!!

It’s time… to spot and fix leaks that dis empower the soul.

Allow the flow of positive energy to fill the tank, and you will soon find abundance in your life.

Be safe during Covid-19 times!

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Use moratorium properly during coronavirus times and stay alert always!

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