Jodi Dance Show | Vijay TV | Fun Unlimited Reality Show – Time and Contestants

The new Jodi Fun Unlimited dance show by Vijay TV is the much awaited reality show. The Contestants and Judges for this show along with host Rio and others are excited. Here is the timely list of eleven Jodi pairs and contestants listed for you.

Jodi Dance Show | Vijay TV | Fun Unlimited Reality Show
Jodi Dance Show | Vijay TV | Fun Unlimited Reality Show
  1. Kumaran and Chitra
  2. Jaquline and Rakshan – rumoured and interesting pair
  3. Britto and Anila – professionals
  4. Sankarapandian and Gayathri
  5. Kuraishi and Nandhinititle winners of other shows
  6. Azeem and Shivani
  7. Master Aathesh and Cute Uthra – Power Kids
  8. Sreethu and Vishal
  9. Amurth and Mounika
  10. Ramar and Rheema – right time to add comedy factor
  11. Megna and Lokesh – from the serial Chinnathambi

Vijay TV’s new Jodi dance reality show has all fresh pair of refreshing contestants. The kid duo are Master Aathesh and Cute Utra baby. Surely they are going to rock the show. For the fun factor in this Star Vijay Jodi show is none other than Ramar and Reema. They will tickle the funny bone with the audiences. Dance and choreography experts like Britto and Anila would add professionalism.

Jodi Vijay TV
Jodi Vijay TV

Jodi Fun Unlimited Dance show also features comedy kings title winner Kureshi and Nandhini as his pair. The interesting and rumoured pair are Jaquline and Rakshan the hosting pair in Kinds of Comedy and other shows by Star Vijay Television. All episodes of this show right from the auditions are going to be super hit and this show will air in the prime time in the TV.

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Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil | Cast and Crew | Info

Kalyanamam Kalyanam is a Vijay TV Tamil Serial that airs in the prime time slot. This serial revolves around the duo who have different views on marriage. This dramatic marriage centric serial is a refreshing add to the huge list of serials that telecasts in Vijay TV. Unlike other television programmes Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial has kindled the spirit of women audiences right from the promo of this serial itself. All cast and crew of this serial is awesome.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil
Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial | Vijay TV Tamil

This Vijay TV serial called as Kalyanamam Kalyanam has intact plot and good message showing that the heroine of the serial is of a new dimension of thought and understanding regarding marriage. The hero or lead actor of this serial has niche thinking and he is of a fresh view on marriage. The actors and actresses have done a very good acting and background score and intro song are all well made. Vijay TV always surprises the audiences with good plot and story. The actors usually merge with lot many shows and evolve into big stars in silver screen as well.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial is youth centric and has huge fan base creation power. This serial is niche and millennial age thinking and backdrop is the unique genre of this serial. Vijay TV stars emerge and evolve over time blending with other shows and timing at the right slot. So, what do you think about this marriage related serial, Kalyanam Kalyanam? Comment your views below.

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In Kalyanamam Kalyanam Serial the character of hero is such that of actor Vijay in one of the movie where he asks Simran to marry her but if it does not work out he will go for divorce. A similar plot revolves around the lead character in this serial too. After coming to see the bride, before marriage itself he says he doesn’t want to come and see the girl and eat bondas and bajjis and say okay for marriage. The openly confesses to the heroine that he will call for divorce if the marriage didn’t work out. Hmmm, thrilling twist for a soap opera isn’t it?

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This very emotional serial has the lead role done by Teja who is playing the role of Surya. Kalyanamam Kalyanam is anchored by the lead actress Sreethu Nair. She is doing the role of village girl Kamali. The duo Surya and Kamali and their nuances are the main story plot. The other senior cast and crew in this serial are the director Bramma and classic actors Moulee and Sundarrajan Sir.

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Bigg Boss Suja Varunee | Weds | Sivaji’s Grandson – RamKumar Ganesan’s son

Shiva Kumar who is Sivaji’s grandson and RamKumar Ganesan’s son is going to marry Suja Varunee of Bigg Boss fame. Shiva has posted this information in his official twitter handle and fans across the world are happy and are gearing up for this fairy tale wedding on November 19th.

Bigg Boss Suja Varunee | Weds | Sivaji’s Grandson - RamKumar Ganesan’s son
Bigg Boss Suja Varunee | Weds | Sivaji’s Grandson – RamKumar Ganesan’s son

The tweet “Save the Date” has made it big in internet circles that congratulate Suja Varunee and Ramkumar Ganesan and Meenakshi Ramkumar’s son Shiva. Note that Shivaji Dev alias Shiva Kumar is the grandson of the legend actor Sivaji Ganesan. This marriage ceremony will surely be a star studded gala wedding and hopefully a Great Fairy-tale Wedding as the couples who have been friends for over 11 years aspire to be.

Suja Varunee is Bigg Boss 1 contestant from Vijay TV show. She is both an actress and a dancer. Like Shiva she also acted in many movies and now that she is going into the much famous family of Sivaji Ganesan is surely a great news for everyone. Wish you both Happy Married Life!

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