Fasting is considered healthy

Strange but true:

1 – Inspite of so many colors – Black & White is considered Class.
2 – Inspite of so many voices words & sounds – Silence is considered ultimate.
3 – Inspite of so much to eat – Fasting is considered healthy.
4 – Inspite of so much to travel & explore – Meditating under trees & mountains is considered superior.
5 – Inspite of so much to see – Closing your eyes & looking within is Apex.
6 – Inspite of listening to all the outside world – Voice from inside You is eternal.
7 – Inspite of a Sweet charming Life – A Peaceful Soul is Solace & Divine.

*Trust your Senses. Live a Great Life.*


When there is a will, there is a way!!

Michael Jordan was an African-American man, born in 1963, in the slums of Brooklyn, New York. He had four brothers and his father’s wages were not sufficient to provide for the whole family. He grew up in a poor neighborhood which was full of discrimination, to the point where he could not see any hope for the future.
When he was 13 years old, his father gave him a piece of used clothing and asked: “What do you think the value of this outfit would be?”. Jordan replied, “Maybe one dollar.”
His father asked, “Can you sell it for two dollars? If you can sell it, it would mean that you are a big help to your father and mother. “. Jordan nodded his head, “I’ll try, but no guarantee that I’ll be successful.”
Jordan carefully washed the clothes clean. Because they didn’t have an iron, to smoothen out clothes, he leveled it with a clothes brush on a flat board, then kept it in the sun to dry. The next day, he brought the clothes to a crowded underground station. After offering it for more than six hours. Jordan finally managed to sell it for $2. He took the two dollar bill and ran home.
After that, every day he was looked for used clothing, washed and ironed it and sold it in the crowd. More than ten days later, his father again gave him a piece of used clothing, “Now think of a way that you can sell these clothes for 20 bucks?”
Jordan said, “How is it possible? This outfit can only fetch two dollars at the most. ”
His father replied in an effort to inspire him, “Why don’t you try it first? There must be a way.”
Finally, Jordan got an Idea He asked for cousin’s help to paint a picture of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the garment. Then he tried to sell it in the school where the children of the rich study. Soon a housekeeper, who was there to pick his master, bought clothes for his master. The master was a little boy of only 10 years but was very fond of clothes. He loved it so much and he gave a five dollar tip. 25 dollars was a huge amount for Jordan, the equivalent of a month’s salary of his father.
When he got home, his father gave him yet another piece of used clothing. “Are you able to resell it at a price of 200 dollars?” His eyes lit up.
This time, Jordan accepted the clothes without the slightest doubt. Two months later a popular movie actress from the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, Farah Fawcett came to New York for her Movie promos. After the press conference, Jordan made his way through the security forces to reach the side of Farah Fawcett and requested her autograph on the piece of clothing. When Fawcett saw this innocent child asking for her autograph, she gladly signed it.
Jordan was shouting very excitedly, “This is a jersey signed by Miss Farah Fawcett, the selling price is 200 dollars! “He auctioned off the clothes, to a businessman for a price of 1,200 dollars!
Upon returning home, his father by broke into TEARS and said, “I am amazed that you did it My child! You’re really great! ”
That night, Jordan slept alongside his father. His father said, “Son, in your experience selling these three pieces of clothing, what did you learn about success?”
Jordan replied, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
His father nodded his head, then shook his head, “What you say is not entirely wrong! But that was not my intention. I just wanted to show you that a piece of used clothing which is worth only a dollar can also be increased in value, Then how about us – living & thinking humans? This thought enlightened young Jordan..
From then on, Michael Jordan felt that his future would be beautiful and full of hope.


Holiday Everyday

Holiday Everyday

How do you feel when you’re about to set off on a holiday?

Can’t control the smiles, can’t hold in the anticipation of discovering new landscapes, and the promise of exciting adventures!

How exciting would life be, if you set off on your morning commute, everyday, with that same holiday feeling! Set off with a smile, an anticipation of discovering something new, a promise of an adventure, and make everyday feel like a holiday.


Ant and Wealthy man!

Ant and Wealthy man!

One Sunday morning, a wealthy man sat in his balcony enjoying sunshine and his coffee when a little ant caught his eye which was going from one side

to the other side of the balcony carrying a big leaf several times more than its size. The man watched it for more than an hour.

He saw that the ant faced many impediments during its journey, paused, took a diversion and then continued towards destination.

At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor. It paused for a little while, analyzed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack,

walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued its journey.

The man was captivated by the cleverness of the ant, one of God’s tiniest creatures. The incident left the man in awe and forced him to contemplate over the miracle of Creation.

It showed the greatness of the Creator. In front of his eyes there was this tiny creature of God, lacking in size yet equipped with a brain to analyze,

contemplate, reason, explore, discover and overcome. Along with all these capabilities, the man also noticed that this tiny creature shared some human shortcomings.

The man saw about an hour later the creature had reached its destination – a tiny hole in the floor which was entrance to its underground dwelling.

And it was at this point that the ant’s shortcoming that it shared with the man was revealed.

How could the ant carry into the tiny hole the large leaf that it had managed to carefully bring to the destination? It simply couldn’t!

So the tiny creature, after all the painstaking and hard work and exercising great skills,

overcoming all the difficulties along the way, just left behind the large leaf and went home empty-handed.

The ant had not thought about the end before it began its challenging journey and in the end the large leaf was nothing more than a burden to it.

The creature had no option, but to leave it behind to reach its destination. The man learned a great lesson that day.

Isn’t that the truth about our lives?

We worry about our family, we worry about our job, we worry about how to earn more money, we worry about where we should live –

5 bedroom or 6 bedroom house, what kind of vehicle to buy – a Mercedes or BMW or a Porsche, what kind of dresses to wear,

all sorts of things, only to abandon all these things when we reach our destination – The Grave.

We don’t realize in our life’s journey that these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them,

only to find that at the end they are useless and we can’t take them with us…..


Graham Bell

A very very very rare & 1st time we hear the voice of Swami Vivekananda.
Very difficult to share my feelings. What a voice.
Thanks to Graham Bell who invented voice recording system around 1886 👇.His voice is so deep and matured. His speech is Devine and magnetic. A Great man from Bharat.👏👏👏👏
Thanks a million for sharing.